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As an Australian , being raised near the coast , my contact with the water had been blistering summer days on a beach near the city. A southern european father in speedos and a cretan blade and a slice of lemon shucking mussels straight off the rocks and into his mouth! 'Bloody beuuwtifuuul!' Always his response after slurping one down. My response? getting my shitty mask on and getting into the southern waters to discover the source of my fathers' delight. I learnt to hold my breath a little , I learnt to squeeze the pain out of my ears , I got there under those rocks and saw all those shells and sea weed flowing . Coming back literally hours later after most beach goers went home , scratched up knees and blue lips , I became the DUCK DIVER! Years later , am I wiser? , well yes , I did recently complete a level one free diving course , and yes , after years of 'duck-diving' I can say now , the theory and practise helps you get your body and mind 'down there' further , further than my fathers mussel treasures , further into your mind!!!...

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