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6 years ago I took my first freediving course in Thailand. I was IT-engineer and could work remote from anywhere. I needed just my laptop and internet. I wasn't a sportsman, yogi or fit person. I even couldn't swim well. That time I never ever expected how it would change my life. Where I'm now? I'm living simple life on small island in Indonesia. 2 years ago I quited IT work which gave me lot of freedom. I have my own freediving school here and I teach people how to be free underwater on one single breath. I wake up every morning with Sun and practice 2 hours of yoga. I love long distance swiming in open water. I have the best wife, she is pregnant and soon we will have new small mermaid. I can definetely say "I'm a happy person". I like how freediving changes my life. And I love to share my passion with others. I love to show beautiful sides of freediving. We are doing lot of photos about our passion. My friend is awesome photographer and he sells that photos on photostocks. So last few years we often can see ourself on different freediver's resourses. Why I wrote this post? Because I know photo that Deepblu chose for the project "V FOR VERTICAL". This girl who is doing free immersion on main photo. She is my wife! Organizers chose this photo on photostocks from thousands others. I'm so proud. It means we did good work and people like it. Thanks! I attach to this post other shoots from that session. It was taken in Dahab few years ago. And it shows that freediving is not only line diving:) We can always have lot of fun underwater! #freediving #happiness #underwaterfun
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