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DJKeany was scuba diving at Capernwray Diving Centre, Lancaster , England, United Kingdom

Dive Purpose
Fun Dive
Max. Depth
7.9 m
Water Entry
<5.0 m
Surface Temperature
18 °C
Bottom Temperature
17 °C
Air Mix
Start Tank Pressure
219 bar
End Tank Pressure
138 bar
12 L
Dive buddies
Exposure Suit
1 mm
6 kg
Dive 1115 This dive started off as a 2nd pleasure dive with Fi and Chris but ended up with Fi and Chris going on their own while I stayed with Sophie and Les. Initially Fi, Chris and myself had discussed doing a shallow swim out to the pigs and then see what air was left before either coming back on a reciprocal or exploring some more. As we made our way down the car park we came across Sophie and her family who were setting up the Mares wing she’d been given. Kris had lent them some trim pockets but they were having problems fitting them so decided to attach a weight belt around the cylinder containing some weights which we assisted in. When Fi, Chris and myself eventually got to the water’s edge Sophie was sat there with her mother adjusting the wing. We asked if we could help, which we did, and then I escorted Sophie into the water towards Les who was already in and waiting. Once Sophie had got to Les Fi, Chris and myself descended to start our dive, however once a metre or two underwater we noticed that Sophie appeared to be having issues so I suggested Fi and Chris continued on their own and I’d assist Sophie and Les (if required 😊). Les had a partially filled cylinder so the plan was just to swim around the shallows allowing Sophie to get used to the new wing. It soon became apparent that the configuration wasn’t working for Sophie and she was using her arms to try and achieve a horizontal position. We carried on with the dive, but Sophie could really adjust her body position despite trying various methods of swimming styles. I couldn’t determine if it were the cylinder position which was quite low on the wing or the wight configuration that was causing the problem. We completed the dive at the 2 metre platform and decided to play with the weight configuration. As we loosened the weight belt on the cylinder Sophie lower body started to rise (bearing in mind that she was wearing a wet suit and wet suit boots) and her upper body started to sink. Les considered that the weights were the problem as she’d tried the wing in the pool with a weight belt properly worn and was in good trim. The arrival of the correct trim pockets will allow a clearer picture to be formed. The dive was still a pleasurable and relaxed dive 😊.
Dive Spot
Capernwray Diving Centre
( 54.136566, -2.723677 )
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