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Planet Deepblu: Discover Your Next Dive

Planet Deepblu: Discover Your Next Dive

October 30, 2017 | 07:13



For the past two years, Deepblu has been forging a path to make itself known as the premier logging app for divers around the world. In addition, it has become a place for you, the divers, to connect, create, share, and learn from like-minded enthusiasts spanning the globe in an active online community. The company is now introducing a whole new way for divers to discover dive destinations.

Planet Deepblu is a whole new way for divers to connect. It is a unique, informative place to access content generated from the community and obtain a thorough idea of what a dive destination is like before you even leave the house. Virtually all popular global dive locations are placed on a fully interactive map, allowing users to browse ratings, interact with reviews, and find out more about dive spots than previously available.

With tens of thousands already using Deepblu, the platform is a link that helps travelers, divers, shops, dive pros, and dive centers connect in ways that they haven’t been able to before. Planet Deepblu expands upon this concept by putting them all on the map. Pros and dive businesses will be able to keep in touch with their students and customers through customizable business profiles; and on the flipside of the coin, divers will be able to share their stories about the pros and dive operators.

The profiles, maps, and reviews will also be supplemented by the integration of user-contributed dive logs, videos, photos, and stories about each site. Divers will also be able to find descriptions of countries including what to expect from the people, the climate, the costs, and everything else a diver might like to know before heading out on their journey.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve upon the thrill of the dive and the ease at which we get there, whether it be connecting divers, advancing technology, or partnering with other companies to advance the sport. With Planet Deepblu we hope to continue doing these things, get out there and explore with us. Dive on.

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