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Almost 11 years ago I got into Scuba diving and since then I’ve logged about 60 dives. My dad, who also was a diver back then, tried to put me on a diving course in one of those stuffy swimming pools when I was only 12 years old. This didn't last very long, because this course lasted until late in the evening which resulted in a sleepy Rebecca during classes at school ;-) The second time I went diving I was on a holiday with my family in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. This was about 10 years later and it was an amazing experience! The amount of fish and the beautiful colours of the coral really fascinated me. From this moment I instantly knew that really I wanted to dive more often. When I graduated in 2004, my parents got me my first tattoo and I had chosen a Mermaid. Back then, something inside me was already telling me that I prefer being underwater over living on the land ;-) Other countries and cultures always have interested me, and so I decided to quit my job so I could do something completely outside my comfort zone. That’s why I left the Netherlands on my own and started working as a volunteer in the currently most violent city of Honduras; San Pedro Sula. I will never forget the devastating look in my mother's eyes on the day I left. For this trip I bought myself only one book and this was a Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Honduras’ Bay Islands guide. As soon as the moment was right, I left to Utila to get my Padi Open Water. Unfortunately, on the second day of this course I got sick by an aggressive parasite. Therefore I was forced to stay in my non-air conditioned room, with a lot of ORS and penicillin. I hardly couldn’t have anything in my stomach for over two days and I really felt terrible. But, after two days I realized that I was here on a mission, so I decided to finish this Open Water course. The moment I went back into the Ocean, was the first moment I found out that being underwater literally takes away the pain. Nowadays diving is like a sort of meditation for me. The beauty of the underwater world always makes me forget life’s everyday hassles. And diving forces me to live in the moment. That is why I’m so extremely grateful that I have the privilege to practise this beautiful sport and I sincerely hope I still can dive many years from now. I really am convinced about the fact that Scuba diving brings you peace of mind and therefore I think that every girl should start diving. See you below sea level ladies! #oceanlover #mermaid #aquaholic
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