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Hey Pros, Here’s a Campaign Just for You! Log Online and Win

Hey Pros, Here’s a Campaign Just for You! Log Online and Win

September 26, 2017 | 03:07

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Welcome to our exciting new “Dive Like a Pro” campaign! To share the benefits of our support features for dive pros we’ve taken the opportunity to give away prizes to our community. Through Deepblu, you can connect with students, share dive logs, validate training logs, and use your page to gain exposure within the industry. In this campaign, we’re inviting you to the platform and giving you the chance to take these features for a spin, as well as giving perks and prizes! For the Dive Like a Pro event, we’re giving out ten pairs of Deepblu COSMIQ dive computers for pros and their students who verify dive logs on the platform; in addition, those pros who don’t win in the first round are eligible to win one of thirty surface marker buoys. Either way, you make your mark in a big way with some sweet Deepblu gear!

This new contest allows for a bit of friendly competition in a highly competitive world, and, as noted, the prizes aren’t bad at all! We want you to take full advantage of what we have to offer, and if you need anything, just ask our talented team of go-getters here in the office. We’re always willing to help out with a bit of know-how, and our convenient Deepblu Academy page can show you exactly how to log a scuba dive.

With new features such as dive log verification, it’s easier than ever to get things done out on the water. Leaving behind wet pens and soggy paper, students can send their dive log to you, their pro, via the platform and have it validated with a simple click. That’s all it takes to be on your way to a brand-new pair of COSMIQ dive computers. 

While the platform has always allowed users to record dive logs online, it’s now possible to make dive logs offline as well. Your app-based dive log book pages are a great replacement for the ones that used to take ages to create and go through. Deepblu is now a one-stop dive log book app whether you’re in or out of WiFi range. Let’s face it, not every adventure comes with a WiFi connection, nor should it, so the convenience that comes with an offline logging feature is inherent. 

With Deepblu, communication can also continue after the dive. In addition to being a dive tool, Deepblu is the fastest growing online community for divers. This means you can share videos, stories, logs, photos, and links that get your brand out into the world. With this kind of connectivity, there’s virtually no limit to what we can do.

So hop around the app, explore, get logging, get validating, and show us what you’ve got!

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