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This image makes a good argument for avoiding deleting photos on the fly in the water when you view them through the LCD screen of the camera which is within the housing…It is also a solid reason why expectations often get in the way of taking good photos. When I got in the water and saw the size of the school of jacks I immediately had an image in my mind. I tried and tried several times to capture what I had imagined but without success. Every time I tried to swim away and dive down to get a larger perspective of the school they actually followed me. In one instance I arrived to the bottom, turned and found the ocean growing dark…the school followed me down and engulfed me. The diver in the photo @andreaasunsolo became the decoy and eventually the human subject that lends perspective to the image. I asked Andrea to dive down and occupy the school of fish so that I could be free to position myself to capture the image I had envisioned. I swam away distancing myself from the school, dove down, raised my camera, framed the shot and took the picture. As I surfaced I brought up the photo on the cameras LCD screen to review it. I thought it was ok but again, not what I had envisioned. I wanted to try again but the school of fish had reorganised themselves less vertically and the moment had passed. I looked again at the image and for a brief moment I thought about deleting it. Better to wait until I see it on the computer. I am very thankful that I trusted my instincts to avoid deleting until I review my images on the desktop of my computer. With a simple white balance the photo revealed a swirling biomass of fish forming a heart punctuated by a lone diver - @andreaasunsolo. When I first posted this I had no idea that it would be so well received…The marine protected area within which this photo was taken is a beautiful example of how we CAN get things right and how we can work with mother nature to ensure that our oceans are preserved and protected for the future. Thanks to everyone who continues to like and to follow my feed. #freediving #onebreath #thewatermenproject #ocean #natgeo #missionblue #iucn #saveouroceans #apneacity #terramarproject #exploringtheglobebucketlist
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