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Congratulations to the winners of the Mermaid Madness event! Dive on with your passion of deep blue :) Deepblu’s Pick: Deepblu's choice for Mermaid Madness is Anna R. Prokopovitch Her choice of turning a sad story into one of perseverance, adventure, and positive self image is one that not only women, but all, should look up to. She's an inspiration to those who wish to follow in her footsteps, and we're sure the best is yet to come for her. Sarah Richard’s Pick: Jamie Parent It's exactly what GTS is about. Empowering each other. And also, because we are a group of all women, who most likely will become or are mums, this is inspiring. Winner of Hearts: Evonnes Lai For Deepblu's Pick, you've won a COSMIQ+ dive computer. For Sarah's Pick, you've won a wetsuit sponsored by V.Dive Vertical. For Winner of Hearts, you've won a pair of Scuba Diving Fins sponsored by V.Dive Vertical. Congrats! #contest #Deepblu #mermaidmadness #event #winners
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