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The Watermen Project

What's the value of positive shark media? What's the impact we can have with a photo like this one? We believe that respectful shark diving photos certainly function as a stronghold against what can seem to be a never-ending stream of misrepresentation of some of the most incredible predators this planet has ever produced. They are durable, fast, powerful, agile, versatile... and on the verge of becoming extinct, in many instances. Yes, we have to keep sharing our underwater experiences with every single person we can possibly reach. #WatermenProject #WilliamWinram #ocean #conservation #sharks

Thanks for clarification, William. It's just that I've seen several images with such content here and just wanted to point out that this is not something we should encourage, so it's good this was not the case here. I'm writing my disseration on this type of media repesentation of wildlife and how this can lead to false expectations when being close to wildlife resulting in inappropriate behaviour. Apart from that, keep up with the good work :)... More

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