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DJKeany was scuba diving at Capernwray Diving Centre, Lancaster , England, United Kingdom

Dive Purpose
Fun Dive
Max. Depth
17.2 m
Water Entry
<5.0 m
Surface Temperature
18 °C
Bottom Temperature
17 °C
Air Mix
Start Tank Pressure
205 bar
End Tank Pressure
94 bar
12 L
Dive buddies
Exposure Suit
1 mm
6 kg
Aqualung | Axiom
Dive 1114 Pleasure dive with Fi and Chris at Capernwray. Initially was a dive to see if Fi’s virus (not that one 😂🤣) had left any lingering issues, but soon turned into a club dive 😊. We met Chris at Capernwray and was initially supposed to be joined by Sophie and Les there but they hadn’t arrived by 10am so we decided to continue with our first dive. It was about this time that I realised I’d left my hood and glove bag back at home ☹, fortunately Fi lent me her hood as the water is too cold for a person with my head of hair 😂🤣. Chris hasn’t been to Capernwray many times so we suggested right hand side entry, down onto and through the plane, over to the container and then onto the Podsnap, from the Podsnap to the diving bell then onto the Cleopatra before heading back out via the devil and Lord Lucan. We entered the water on the right, did a bit of a weight check then slowly descended onto the planes wing and made our way towards the rear. As we approached there were a couple of divers exiting the plane with a reel, it looked like they were doing maybe a wreck speciality. The divers then started to retract the line on the reel so we followed them in at a fair distance behind them. Once we’d got further into the plane it became obvious that there were more dives participating in the course so we made our way to one side of the plane, which the other divers decided was the side they wanted to use 😂🤣, so we moved over to the other side getting disapproving looks from the other divers – what did they expect on a busy recreation dive site 😂🤣. We exited the plane and carried on with our dive plan which we completed without a hitch. On our way back in we hovered between the 6m and 2m platform to watch the trout and sturgeon feeding before exiting the water. A nice relaxed pleasurable dive but definitely hood conditions though 😂🤣.
Dive Spot
Capernwray Diving Centre
( 54.136566, -2.723677 )
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