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Orchid Island Ba Dai Shipwreck The Wreck of a 200 meter Korean freighter, which went down in a typhoon some 34 years ago. The wreck was salvaged and now lies in three pieces in about 35m of water with the upper levels at 20m. The area around the wreck is home to a pair of large Blue-spotted stingrays, large jacks flit in and out of the wreck, Dogtooth tuna dash past and a few huge Lionfish and Map puffers have made their home there. The whole wreck is covered with soft and hard corals, fans and crinoids, making it an excellent site for UW photographers. 這沉船原是韓國籍一萬餘噸的遠洋貨輪「堡壘號」,1983年9月27日由日本津久見港出發,船上滿載貨物預定駛往新加坡。十月初行經小蘭嶼附近,因為天氣惡劣,海上濃霧瀰漫而誤觸礁石,底艙破了一個方圓三、四公尺左右的大洞,海水慢慢灌入船艙中,船長汴鍾田立刻發出求救訊號,並慢慢把船開到八代灣的國際錨位(國際上所訂出的船隻停放點,是讓拋錨的船隻可以暫時停放的地方,有考慮深度問題,萬一船隻無法修復而沉入海中,才不至於太深,以方便日後的打撈工作,以及鑑定船隻故障等原因)。 ?Location: Orchid Island ?? ?Photographer: Fu Huichen https://www.facebook.com/arteveryday2017 #wreck #orchidisland
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