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Hello! My best dive buddy is my Dad, @AlexGurkoff ! In 2013, in the city of Anapa ??, we have dived with him to the Black Sea! It was an unforgettable adventure :) In a few days later we tried again, the instructor said about us that we are "experienced" divers ? A week later, my buddy and I dive on a sunken barge at a depth of 10 meters, it was an inexpressible feeling! We floated inside the barge, we swam around the barge and at the end - dive to the bottom and froze to enjoy the incredible and fascinating underwater world! A few years later I became a certified diver and ... got carried away, so I decided to become a professional diver ? And my Dad got a diver's certificate last year and immediately decided to plunge into the recreational sidemount! Now we are dive together, two generations are passionate about one thing! Here is the story of the creation of two divers, thank you very much! #bestdivebuddies #family #bestdivebuddies #family

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