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Through events in my life, I've seen and heard things that I could never forget. These things that have happened to me won't ever change. Growing up with an alcoholic dad and a mother with bipolar, stability was never something I had. As I started to mature and develop into a women, I had a constant fear of almost anything brand new or foreign. I turned to drugs and partying, at first. I was searching for an outlet, anything to make me forget. After reaching a low of being homeless in the city of Toronto, I finally moved back to Florida where I was originally born. I decided it was time to turn my life around, I reached out to my family and they took me in. I enrolled back into high school, and decided to quit anything that is not good for me. During my junior year, I was introduced to the ocean by my current boyfriend. I was terrified to the max. It was all new and it was a huge change. I remember being scared to even walk into the shore at the beach. Now I'm currently hitting bottom times at 60 feet with one breath of air. Freediving turned out to be the outlet I needed, and it helped me gain back my confidence and be more open to new experiences. I learned discipline and also how to make friends and how to more trusting. Without freediving and my love for the ocean and my mindset on life would be totally different. I am a college student now and currently starting my own business. I thank God everyday for the life and blessings I have day to day. Thank you for reading! You can find my underwater photography and freediving pictures on Instagram @allymarii. Photos by: John Garza and Cameron Seals Shark shot by me

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