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zeb was scuba diving at Sund Rock North Wall, Hood Canal, Hoodsport, Washington, United States

Dive Purpose
Fun Dive
Max. Depth
23.4 m
Avg. Depth
10.9 m
Water Entry
Surface Temperature
10 °C
Bottom Temperature
7.5 °C
Air Mix
Start Tank Pressure
193 bar
End Tank Pressure
62 bar
14 L
Exposure Suit
20 kg
First cold water dive in six months, I was a little apprehensive. Had a difficult time getting weights in the pouches and my transmitter pod battery was dead (Just had reg serviced and battery replaced???). As I’m getting into my rig I could not reach my crotch belt so just left it, then my yellow neck strap for back up reg broke, and Pam helped with my shoulder straps. Walked down to water and could not even reach my arms above my head to put my mask on so Pam helped again. It was a bit choppy as wind was from the NE. Finely in the water and headed out to buoy. I could not find my inflator hose and in the struggle put too much air in and bounced to the surface from 15 ft. down. Back on the bottom I then had problems pushing in my suit inflator button but finely got it. Things were going ruff! We finely got to the wall and started along it down to the others. My back up reg was swigging everywhere and really bothered me. Also, having a camera in left hand made thing more difficult! I finely calmed down and started getting some photos. I think the new software update for Sealife is an improvement. No wolf eels that I saw but I guess Paul saw one. Did see several sea stars one being a nice sized Ochre Star. Once at the end of the wall we headed up to the top rim and followed it back. In a crevasse I saw some Ling Cod eggs and sure enough got a punch in the side from the fish! We worked our way back and I took photo of some huge Orange/White Plumose Anemones. Paul was leading the way back and missed the entrance so we had to back track a little. Still choppy getting out but it felt good!
Dive Spot
Sund Rock North Wall
( 47.435550, -123.119450 )
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Zeb that sounds like a dive full of trouble, sorry to hear that - but thanks for sharing. it was nice to read :)... More

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