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As a child, I always spent my time in the water : oceans or swimming pools were my playground. I tried scuba diving at the age of 10 and saw one fish only in the lake we went diving in. Nearly 13 years later, sad life events made me travel, discover the world and I thought that I couldn't discover the world if I didn't scuba dive, because 78% of our planet is composed out of water ! And there I went... from the first breath underwater I was sold, eating chocolate underwater surrounded by sharks, seeing my first turtle, seahorse and so much more. Sharing is caring, and I didn't felt complete until I actually could share my passion to the whole world. This is what made me become a dive professional. Now, nearly four years later, here I am, manager of a dive shop, passionate teacher and happy scuba diver ! Why should every girl get into scuba diving ? Because first of all moving as a mermaid underwater helps us to feel better about our bodies and ourselves but also because scuba diving liberates you from every fear you might have. I saw people changing their fears into passion, I saw people crying out of happiness and changing their life by just simply breathing underwater ! That is why in my opinion, we should all become scuba divers, to liberate ourselves of our controlling mind and adopt the mermaid way of life. Don't hesitate to become a dive instructor neither, because seeing that change happening into the people you teach is the most rewarding and happy feeling you will ever experience. With Love and lots of bubbles, Anna

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