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7 Maps That Will Change the Way You View the Ocean

7 Maps That Will Change the Way You View the Ocean

June 5, 2017 | 08:08

We tend to look at the ocean a lot here at Deepblu, and we're guessing you do as well. Thanks to new tech and the infinitely expanding universe of information available to us every day, we're solving the mysteries of the sea faster than ever. While, as we all know, there's a lot left to be explored, unearthed (unoceaned?), discovered, and analyzed we can use these quick glimpses of the oceans around us to change our perspective and help us decide where we're headed next. Enjoy!

By Todd Allen Williams, Senior Editor

1. This beauty of the motion of the oceans as presented by the Weather Channel.

ocean-6.jpegCredit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

2. The migration of species, found in The Economist. New methods of tagging and tracking are bringing technology that was once only available at high cost to certain labs right into our homes and phones.

economist.jpgCredit: Tagging of Pacific Predators

3. NASA pulling out all the stops, as usual. We can take a glimpse toward the ocean floor from space.

midatlantic_mdl_2014_lrg.pngCredit: NASA

4. An oldie, but goodie, from the Princeton Library. Jacques Nicolas Bellin made some of the most intricate maps of the eighteenth century.

old-map-print.jpgCredit: Princeton University

5. The bottom of the world, by UT Austin. We can learn more about Antarctica every day if the Earth comes together to keep it around. University of Texas

6. Works of art by ArtToMedia. Personally, this is one of this author's favorite spots, right off to the side of Avalon at Catalina Island, California.

art-to-media-map-catalina-california-2.jpgCredit: ArtToMedia

7. This absolute beauty from Lars at Awesome Maps. Oh, and the amazing thing about this map? You could win it right now!

AWSM_dive-map-re-writable_en_779484-990x585.jpgCredit: Awesome Maps

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