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I am sure we all remember that moment when we saw the first Whale shark in our life. That is what most of us never will forget! This is my moment! :) #whaleshark #sharkguardian #whalesharkguardian #kohtao #sailrock #whaleshark #sharkguardian #whalesharkguardian #kohtao #sailrock

Thank you! I start with a cheap camera as well and my very very first memories what I always will remember is made whit that little camera( Canon S95 )! What I use now is more about to try to make a good video and a better one and a better one... It turns sometimes in a bad way. When I go dive and I forget how beautiful is a butterfly fish or an angel fish and I'm just looking for something special I wish the old camera with the old times... But this is just my feelings and I'm sure everybody feels different about this. And I learned something very important through the years, you never know what people like! I made an amazing video with the high-quality camera, entered in a contest and... a lovely girl beat all of us with a Canon S95 camera what I had first with underwater housing! So you really never know! :)... More

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