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Bull sharks filmed in Florida by Ramon Llaneza. Knowing The True Nature of Sharks. The bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is a predatory species that lives in coastal seas, with the best ability to move into fresh waters. They are able to move back and forth between saltwater and freshwater with ease. This behavior brings them into more contact with humans than most species of sharks, and they are therefore responsible for fatally biting more people than any other species. Reaching lengths of 11 feet (3.5 m) and weights up to nearly 700 pounds (315 kg), the bull shark is one of the largest sharks (Family Carcharhinide). They are aggressive predators and eat a variety of prey. They are known to eat several species of bony fishes and also small sharks, some mammals (both terrestrial and marine), seabirds, and occasionally sea turtles. Sharks are curious, cautious and sentient creatures they are among the most vulnerable, valuable and misunderstood animals on the planet. Protect The Shark #shark #sharkdiving #bullshark #sharkfeeding #scubadiving #sharkbehavior #sharks

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