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See the Compelling Underwater Photos of the Year

See the Compelling Underwater Photos of the Year

October 19, 2017 | 09:15

Natural History Museum in London has just announced the winners of its Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. The images were chosen from more than 50,000 entries submitted from 92 countries.  We select some underwater winning photos that depict the incredible diversity of life on this blue planet. 

66.jpgTrapped by the surrounding ice field, the iceberg floats safely above the sea floor. Photo: Laurent Ballesta

58.jpgThe remora curves in front of its giant host: a whale shark. Photo: Alex Sher 

38.jpgSpider crabs usually come together for protection while they moult or mate, but  an octopus appears ‘like an excited child in a candy store’,  as it chose its final catch. Photo: Justin Gilligan

5064.jpgWhen sea angels mate, individuals transfer sperm to one another in synchrony before laying 100 or so tiny eggs in the ocean. Photo: Andrey Narchuk 

44.jpgSperm whales aggregate like this will rub and roll against each other to exfoliate their neighbour’s dead skin. Photo: Tony Wu

47.jpgThe killer whales decimate this shoal of herring. Photo: George Karbus

49.jpgWeddell seals give birth on ice and take their offspring for their first frosty swim a few weeks later. Photo: Laurent Ballesta

57.jpgBy swimming in a tight, coordinated school, the slender mackerel confuse their predators, striped European barracudas and broader bluefish. Photo: Jordi Chias Pujol

60.jpgThe tiny eyes of the parasitic isopods peered out through the fish’s mouths. Photo: Qing Lin

55.jpgThis phyllosoma, a lobster larva, grips the empty bell of a small dead jellyfish, a mauve stinger. Photo: Anthony Berberian

74.jpgThe sandbar sharks circled far below, slipping in and out of the dark like ghostly apparitions. Photo: Santosh Shanmuga

80.jpgA seahorse seized upon a cotton bud as a stable anchor. Photo: Justin Hofman


See the full gallery of winners and finalists  here.

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