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A SAD REMINDER OF THE STATE OF OUR OCEANS Marine pollution is a world wide problem with dire consequences for the planet and it's marine inhabitants. 5 years ago today, we were on a dive boat moving between dive sites when the captain spotted a large amount of floating fishing net and trash drifting at open sea. Upon closer inspection, he spotted a turtle! 3 of the dive pros on the boat quickly got their snorkel gear and knifes and went in to help. I followed with my camera. After carefully cutting up the fishing net we managed to free the turtle and brought it back to the boat to check on its health. As the pile of marine debris was too heavy to get onto the boat we decided it would be safer for the turtle to be released elsewhere. The turtle escaped seemingly unharmed and is hopefully still swimming our oceans today visit for more! Music: Jon Luc Hefferman - Upbeat #KohTao #Thailand #Turtle #Rescue #Conservation #Trash #Plastic 

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