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5% Discount Deepblu Deal Amed Diving Day-Trip
Amed is located 2:00 drive from Sanur but it's a beautiful road, with Ocean View almost all the way, Rice-fields and Volcano at the end. We dive there in the warm and clear waters of Bunutan, the Pyramids site (40 artificial reefs full of life) and of the Jemeluk wall, a steep drop off (80m), where you will be astonished by the abundance of fish from macro size to much bigger ones. You can often see much larger pelagic fishes passing by in the depth of the drop off. PYRAMIDS: called “Ghost Bay” as well, is a collection of artificial reefs in form of Pyramids, 20 meters deep, created by the local community, 20 years ago, after the passage of El Nino. The JEMELUK Wall dive site is located on the right of the bay, it takes about a 5 minute boat ride (Jukung) to get there from Amed beach. The wall is very beautiful with nice coral and beautiful gorgonians.It’s truly a beautiful spot to watch the hundreds of colorful anthias surging out from the gorgonians in to the current. BUNUTAN is located at a 10 minutes boat ride from the main beach on Amed/Jemeluk. It’s a beautiful dive site with gorgeous and healthy reef. The dive starts with a gentle sandy slope that drops you down at 12 meters to an impressively large numbers of graceful Garden Eels. With good clarity and sunlight they look absolutely breathtaking. Continuing the steeper slope and probably drifting, you will find huge sponges, blue spotted stingrays, beautiful pink gorgonians, morays, giant barracudas, pygmy seahorses, unbelievable quantities of reef fish and, frequently, black tip reef shark. The macro sea life is also abundant: Nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses and other macro critters. Water temperature is normally around 28°C but the up currents can drop the water temperature. Visibility is usually good (18-25m) although sometimes the thermoclines makes the water blurry. This dive site is perfect for newly certified divers as the water is calm but the underwater marine life still beautiful and charming. We will start the day by picking you up from your hôtel or villa, take you to the dive center in Sanur to try your equipment and make sure that this one fits you well and then head to Amed. It is a 2 hours drive. There, we will get ready and you will dive from the shore or from a Jukung depending on where you wish to dive . After your first dive that will last around 1 hour, you will get back to the surface for a little break with snacks and water on board or on the beach. When you fell ready let's dive again. After this dive you will enjoy a lunch box before your third dive or eat in a nice restaurant near the beach. End of the diving trip. We wil drive you back to your hôtel or villa.
USD 118/ per package
PACK "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" 15% Disc. Deepblu Deal
The concept of this package is similar to "Let's do it" package but is for divers addict that want something more extreme. MIN. GUEST NUMBER: 2 pax (Price per person) GOOD bouyancy required Day 1: WRECK DIVING CANCUN* (2 tank dive, 1 tank for wreck C-58 or C-55 and second tank in Cancun reef) Day 2: PUERTO MORELOS DIVING (2 tank dive, 1 tank wreck C-56 and second tank in Puerto Morelos reef) Day 3: COZUMEL DIVING* ( 2 tank dive in 1 tank in The Wall reef and second tank another Cozumel reef) Day 4: 2 tank dive CENOTE DREAMGATE Day 5: 1 tank CENOTE ANGELITA and 1 tank CENOTE CARWASH *For Cancun and Cozumel reefs will be chosen the day of the dive because depend on weather and the current. What you can see in your dive: Monuments with growing corals at Underwater Museum, grunts, snappers, grouper, pufferfish, trumpet fish, horse eye jack, four eyed banded blackback, butterfly fish, gray queen french angel fish, great barracuda and many more fishes... Hawksbill turtle, green turtle, loggerhead turtle, spotted eel, green moray, nurse shark, southern stingray, seasonal eagle ray, yellow ray At cenote you can see: stalagtites, stalagmites, light beams, halocline, hydrogen sulfide cloud, few sea life, fossils (need good eye to find them) like clams sea urchin, conch shell, pieces of reef. Note: We do not control mother nature so you can not expect to see every sea life in the list in the moment of your dive. Booking policy: We require at least 25% of the payment for booking confirmations through Paypal, for any question contact us! Normal Price: 810 USD
USD 810/ per package