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Scuba Diving in United States

There are no two ways to put it, the United States of America is a big country. But that means you’re in luck, because depending on the time of year, you can go diving anywhere. From frosty Maine to sunny Florida, all the way across the nation to California and Washington, there’s a wide variety of things to discover. Because of the diversity of the landscape, there’s also a diversity of scuba experiences. Reef diving, ice diving, lake diving, and even diving in an old missile silo in the desert are all possible. Below you can sort the many dive locations of the region and find your perfect scuba diving experience.

What to Expect When Diving in United States

Coral Reef
Artificial Reef
Cenote & Blue hole
Mines & Quarry
Lake & Dam


Varies from temperate to tropical. Alaska is arctic, and people do dive there.

When to dive

Year-round, depending on region.


English, Spanish, Chinese, French

Health and Safety

The United States has clean drinking water and suitable medical care in most areas. As medical costs are very high, traveler’s insurance is a good thing to think about. Food is held to a fairly high standard and typically won’t make you sick.

Be Aware

The United States is full of different dive experiences, and you won’t get the same ones in, say, Hawaii and Florida, even though they have similar climates, let alone the scuba adventures to be had in colder climates. If there’s a diving experience to be had, you can find it in the fifty states that make up the country.


Food and lodging can be quite pricey in the U.S., and on top of this both wait staff at restaurants and housekeeping at lodgings expect a tip. A “cheaper” dive will run you over a hundred dollars, while more expensive ones can be several times that.

Dive Experiences

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