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About Cayman Islands

This little slice of paradise in the Caribbean has become well known by travelers and divers all over the world to the point where it hardly needs an introduction. Divers from around the planet come to the Cayman Islands to scuba to their heart’s content. Dive spots each have their own set of dive pros who are experts in their own patch of water and ready to show you the secrets of diving in the area. For those not already in the know, consider yourself lucky, because with the wreck dives, rainbow of wildlife, and endless visibility, you’ll feel like you’re hearing your favorite song for the first time all over again.

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When to dive

Year Round, or as the locals say “Dive 365!”



Health and Safety

Overall the islands are very safe. Feel free to explore alone at night, but keep aware. Leaving possessions on the beach while snorkeling is typically fine. The islands are very clean and the water is safe. Always wear sunscreen.

Be Aware

Visitors to the Cayman Islands are often astounded by the crystal-clear waters to the point where it may be hard to make a decision as to what to do. Free diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, liveaboards, and other experiences are at your fingerprints. Check out any of the number of local dive shops, and you won’t be let down.


A one-tank dive will run about $60USD, two tanks around $100. Getting out to destination dives such as Stingray City will cost around $90 for one tank. Rooms start around $100USD a night.

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