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As part of the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world, Honduras offers access to some of the best diving in the world. The reefs of the North Coast areas of Tela and the Bay Islands are home to many of the species of marine life found in other parts of the Caribbean, and a rare spot to find them all in one place. This combination of wildlife and a rich diving landscape has attracted scuba divers and dive pros who flock here in large numbers to get the best in diving. Each dive available in the region is a unique one, leading to an unforgettable scuba experience.

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Coral Reef



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December to May


Spanish, English

Health and Safety

Honduras is in the Zika zone, but proper precautionary measures can decrease your chances of getting it. Crime can be a concern, but sticking to dive areas and crowded spots will typically keep you away from it.

Be Aware

Honduras is home to a large coast and one of the most biodiverse populations of marine life in the region. Beautiful diving areas extend for a wide stretch of not only protected land and sea, but some of the healthiest coral reefs in the region. Sound ripe for a scuba diving adventure? It is. Pick your dive spot and get going.


Average daily price is $33. Daily single tank dive rates range from $20 to $40.

Dive Experiences

PACK "LET’S DO IT" 10% Discount Deepblu Deal
This package is for people that want to know a few of everything by all Riviera Maya, they will experiment different enviroments from salt water with many kind of sea life to fresh water exploring caverns with stalagmites and amazing light beams. MIN. GUEST NUMBER: 2 pax (Price per person) Day 1: MUSA or CANCUN DIVING* ( 2 tank dive, 1 tank in MUSA the underwater museum and second tank Cancun reef or 2 tank dive in 2 diferent Cancun reef) Day 2: PUERTO MORELOS DIVING (2 tank dive, 1 tank wreck C-56 and second tank in Puerto Morelos reef) Day 3: 2 tank dive CENOTE TAJMA HA Day 4: 1 tank CENOTE THE PIT and 1 tank CENOTE DOS OJOS *The spots for Cancun reefs will be chosen the day of the dive because depend on weather and the current. What you can see in your dive: Monuments with growing corals at Underwater Museum, grunts, snappers, grouper, pufferfish, trumpet fish, horse eye jack, four eyed banded blackback, butterfly fish, gray queen french angel fish, great barracuda and many more fishes... Hawksbill turtle, green turtle, loggerhead turtle, spotted eel, green moray, nurse shark, southern stingray, seasonal eagle ray, yellow ray At cenote you can see: stalagtites, stalagmites, light beams, halocline, few sea life, fossils (need good eye to find them) like clams sea urchin, conch shell, pieces of reef. Note: We do not control mother nature so you can not expect to see every sea life in the list in the moment of your dive. Booking policy: We require at least 25% of the payment for booking confirmations through Paypal, for any question contact us! Normal Price: 570 USD
USD 570/ per package
5% Discount Deepblu DeaL Diving with the Mantas in Penida
We dive around Nusa Penida from a speed-boat (departure from Sanur Beach). We dive there with the majestic Mantas at Manta Point (weather permitting), on Crystal Bay and Mangrove/SD Point or Toyapakeh (wonderful drift dives). The water is very clear and considered among the best visibility around Bali. These rich waters around the islands support no less than 247 species of coral and 562 species of fish. Nusa Penida is also great for hard and soft coral with many gorgonian sea fans along the steep walls. The Mantas are visible from the surface and their encounter is an incredible experience for snorkelers as well. This dive site is for expereinced divers only as the water can be a bit rough and challenging. Amazing marine life such as Mola Mola and Manta Rays will make your dives there unforgettable. We will start the day by picking you up from your hôtel or villa, take you to the dive center in Sanur to try your equipment and make sure that this one fits you well and then head to the port departure beach 10 minutes away from the dive center. There, we will get ready and you will board the speed boat for a 30 minutes ride on the ocean to reach Manta Point for a first dive. After around 1 hour dive you will get back to the surface for a little break with snacks and water on board. When you fell ready let's dive again at Crystal Bay dive site, just a bit further. After this dive you will enjoy a lunch box before your third dive, either at Mangrove/SD Point or Toyapakeh . End of the diving trip. We wil drive you back to your hôtel or villa.
USD 150/ per package