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About Curacao

Though this little Dutch Caribbean island is best known for its colorful colonial waterfront in Willemstad, too few know about the rainbow of vibrant coral and marine life under its waters that make this a perfect vacation destination for scuba divers. Curaçao is the largest island in the Dutch Caribbean (formerly known as the Dutch Antilles which included Curaçao, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius), and is full of great dive spots.   The amount of detail given to each dive by the talented scuba pros of the area shows the importance of diving to the community. Get ready for a perfect dive experience.

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Coral Reef
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Mild Tropical

When to dive

Year-Round (Rainy season October-February)


Dutch, Papiamento, English, Spanish

Health and Safety

Calm waters and calm locals make for a safe and easy time. Many people feel safe walking the streets at night, and in general a sense of ease is felt around the area. In tourist areas people will be more than willing to help you navigate from place to place.

Be Aware

For a small Caribbean destination, Curaçao has a surprisingly diverse amount of dive experiences. Wrecks and reefs have made for incredible scuba diving, just make sure that your certification matches your dive. In the area, dive pros will be sure to let you know where to go and take care of you while diving.


A wide variety of foods can be found for a wide variety of prices, fitting almost any budget, and rooms start at $30-$40 for two people, making for an easy couple’s holiday.  Whether shore diving or boat diving, the average costs per dive remain competitive across the island and quality rental equipment is generally available at a reasonable price.  Additionally, nitrox is available as an upgrade.

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