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Our Mission: Shark and marine conservation worldwide through education programs, research projects and exciting diving expeditions
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Shark Fact of the Week: At the top of the food chain, sharks also help to remove dead marine life and keeping the oceans healthy. VIDEO: Great White Shark feeding on dead whale... More

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Shark Fact of the Week: Many sharks species will drown if they stop moving. Great white, mako and salmon sharks don't have the muscles they need to pump water through their mouth and over their gills. As long as they keep swimming, water keeps moving over their gills, keeping them alive Photo: Great White or Mako??? Lets us know in the comments below... More

Mako for sure... More

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We are celebrating Whale Sharks with DeepBlu! Why? It was recently International Whale Shark Day. Plus here is a post about why Whale Sharks need our support More
In celebration of Whale Sharks! Divers saving the largest shark in the world.. Join the DeepBlu and Shark Guardian event here to learn more about Whale Sharks and win some cool prizes #about... More

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Celebrate International Whale Shark Day with us here and win some awesome prizes! More

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Blue sharks made up 60 to 80 per cent of fins consumed in Hong Kong and that a CITES listing would deal a huge blow to the industry. “If it really happens, the impact on our trade will be devastating,” - GOOD! More

good, hope the proposal passes... More

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Thank you very much to all those who took part in the recent DeepBlu and Shark Guardian Whale Shark Awareness Day event! Congratulations to those who won some awesome prizes, some will also receive Shark Guardian t-shirts: COSMIQ+: deepblu diver gino $299 voucher: deepblu diver Jalica Dealca $199 voucher: deepblu diver GWaterN $​99 voucher: deepblu diver​ User U17143​ Five T-shirts: deepblu diver Clincoln​, ​​trueOcean​, ​​Hery Seputro​, ​​Bettina Schade​, ​​​markrosen89 ​... More
Shark Fact of the week: Many sharks have Remora fish attached to them. They have a special commensalism relationship with sharks. The remora remove parasites from sharks, while sharks provide transportation and protection for the remoras. Photo by Steve Woods ( More

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NEW MISSION is LAUNCHED! Check it out More
Do everything you can to spread awareness of protecting whale sharks in the next 30 days. In this period of time you can complete three missions. A new mission will be announced on every Thursday. As you finish the missions you will get more entries toward drawings for cool prizes! Contest Schedule Launch: Aug 22, 2017 Mission 1 Release: Aug 24, 2017 Mission 2 Release: Aug 31, 2017 Mission 3 Release: Sept 7, 2017 End: Sept 18, 2017 Winner Announcement: Sept 21, 2017 More
Happy International Whale Shark Day! Photo By: Deborah Holden ( More

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A court in Ecuador sentenced the crew of a Chinese ship caught fishing endangered sharks in the Galapagos marine reserve to prison terms on Sunday (Aug 27) . The Chinese-flagged Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 was caught within the protected zone on Aug 13 with 300 tonnes of fish - including some 6,000 sharks, mostly protected species such as the hammerhead and the bigeye thresher. More