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Mexico, Quintana Roo
Have you ever heard of the Cenotes of Tulum, famous all over the world as one of the best dive site on earth? With its perfect conditions: great visibility, shallow profiles, no currents, amazing speleothems and a fairly warm water, any diver must at least once in its life dare to adventure himself in a Cenote and explore the mayan underworld. Zen Diving allows you to understand their histories, explore this beautiful environment in total safety and gives you a professional approach of cavern and cave diving. As a small and personal dive shop, we do everything for you to enjoy the best tour possible according to your experience and requests. We organise little groups, up to 4 divers, with usually the same criteria to make everybody learn together, in the same language so we call have fun and discover new things! Looking for a new exciting diving destination? I think you might have found something... See you soon!
Calle Tulum, Mza 24 Lote 3, 77780 Tulum, Q.R.
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  • October 2016 - Official opening of Zen Diving, TDI SDI dive center in Tulum, Mexico.
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Zen Diving is a small and personal dive center, associated with TDI SDI, located in Tulum, the heart of the Riviera Maya in Mexico. We dive with passion and want to transmit our love for those beautiful Cenotes and caves. Dive into million years of geological evolution, into the wombs of Mother Earth and witness one of the most unique and magnificent scenery you've ever seen. We're still on the same planet but in a complete different world! Situated in a nice, relaxing and very charming hotel (Don Diego de la Selva), Zen Diving organises tailored made diving holidays for you to discover the mayan underworld in the best way possible. We only do small and private groups, usually speaking the same language and with the same amount of experience for a better personal attention to everyone's need and a perfect comprehension of the dive briefings and instructions. From beginner open water divers to full cave sidemount explorers, Zen Diving adapts to every level and will teach you the best way we can to make you a better, more aware, safe and knowledgeable diver. We also have a strong passion for underwater photography and developed an underwater photographer course relevant for open water, cavern and cave divers. Welcome to the newest platform between recreational open water and the exciting world of technical diving where possibilities, skills and knowledge are limitless. Learn in a safe, comfortable and constructive environment and be ready for great new adventures with some of the best instructors of the Riviera. Welcome to Zen Diving.
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