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Nico Dives Cool Bali bring you diving all around Bali amazing dive sites. Diving day-trips and snorkeling, diving packages and safari, high quality courses SSI & PADI for all levels of divers. From beginners to professional levels, learn and enjoy with us ! Small shop, smalls groups, experienced and friendly team, personalized services and lots of fun ;)
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Husein is back from his well-deserved holidays and ready to make your dive a well prepared one. Welcome back Husein ! Husein est de retour de ses vacances bien méritées et prêt à faire de vos plongées des expériences bien équipées. Bon retour parmi nous Husein ! ... More
Familly trip to Padang Bai yesterday, everyone very happy, awesome sea life and lots of laught !! La vie est belle :) ... More
Don't dream your life...make your life a dream.... Ne rêvez pas votre vie...Vivez votre rêve... ... More
🇺🇸 Did you know that if you see a large number of butterflyfishes on a dive, that’s a good sign for the coral reef ? These fishes require large areas of healthy coral for food. Tulamben shore dives are always a great experience, varieties of fishes can be seen and whiteness. Book your trip today : http://ow.ly/aoS530kM1J0 ... More
Join our Penida trip for a fun day in the blue ocean. We still have availability for the 10th of July, book before it's too late, Mola Mola season has already started 🐟 ... More
'If you need a moment to think go diving and you will have a few minutes of peace and quiet' Ronnie Lampole. To check our diving options, visit our page : http://ow.ly/Pa2g30kunNu 'Si vous avez besoin de prendre un moment pour penser, allez plonger, et vous trouverez quelques minutes de paix et de calme' Ronie Lampole. Pour nos options plongées, regardez cette page : http://ow.ly/LVjr30kunOv ... More
The very nice Coral Garden is situated just a few hundred meters from the Liberty wreck in Tulamben . It is a shallow reef with a depth of 3 to 12 meters what makes it a perfect site for snorkelers, beginners or night dives. This spot is also ideal for underwater photography. The reef mainly consists of table corals and anemones, as well as sponges and soft corals. The fish life is very diverse with a surprising number of Blue ribbon eels, Cuttlefish and Octopus. In addition, there is a wide variety of shrimps (incl. Peacock mantis shrimps), frogfish, ghost pipefish, razorfishes, nudibranchs and numerous varieties of clownfishes hiding in their white, green or blue anemones. Black-tip reef sharks patrol the area. It offers a unique opportunity to compare natural coral with the artificial reef present on the site (structures and statues) also teaming with rare fish and coral. ... More
BOOM 3 SHARKS TODAY!!! Shark point - Tanjung Sari, 16 meters.Padang bai. Bali. Not so easy to reach the place. We need to go there about slack tide (it can be strong and rip current there). Also we have to consider the speed boat for the Gili island that are running about our heads. Not for beginners but it is almost always sharks seeing guarantee 😁😁 #sharks #padangbai #whitetipreefshark ... More
Shanna and Harry enjoying their dive in Tulamben, happy dive, happy life ! Click here to know more : ow.ly/moYn30kSo5w Shanna et Harry profitant de leur plongée à Tulamben, la bonne humeur était au rendez-vous ! Cliquez sur ce lien : ow.ly/Kj7p30kSo7K ... More
🇺🇸 Book with us your advanced Open Water course SSI or PADI Customer service focused, small group prefered, quality teaching method and adaptabiliy at Nico Dives Cool 🇫🇷 Réservez avec nous votre cours Advanced Open Water SSI ou PADI Service de qualité, méthodes d'apprentissage sérieuses et pros, adaptabilité et petit groupes promis à Nico Dives Cool ... More
We can almost always see a cuttlefish at the BLUE LAGOON in PADANG BAI 😁😁 Cuttlefish are marine animals of the order Sepiida. They belong to the class Cephalopoda, which also includes squid, octopuses, and nautiluses. Cuttlefish have a unique internal shell, the cuttlebone. ... More
🇺🇸Our happy customers, Frances and Jonathan, enjoying their snorkeling trip in Penida. "Thank you Nico and his team for giving me and Jonathan our first ever fantasic snorkeling experience in Bali! Also thanks Nico for taking many gorgeous photos and videos for us." Frances 🇫🇷Frances et Jonathan, nos heureux clients, profitant au maximum de leur sortie snorkeling à Penida. "Je remercie Nico et toute son équipe pour une toute première experience sous l'eau, celle-ci fut fantastique. Aussi, merci à Nico pour avoir prit tant de superbes photos et vidéos de nous." Frances ... More