Scuba Diving in Curacao

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Mermaid Day


At Curaçao Mermaids we take pride in providing some of the most customized Mermaid day on the island.

We have a full morning in which you are going to learn how to be a mermaid and swim like one!
You will use a monofin and learn how to swim with it, do some painting and relax with some nice snacks and beverages.

Kids from 5 years old!
You need to know how to swim, but you don´t need to be an expert, we would help you around.

We will meet at the shop Scubaçao and from there go to 2 amazing beaches to take great pictures and have fun.

Your Dive Expert

Dive Shop
If you are looking for an awesome dive experience, look no further. We’d love to introduce you into the amazing blue sea of the beautiful island of Curaçao. Healthy, beautiful reefs with a never ending variety of critters, creatures and corals. Diving Curaçao at it’s finest

Who's It For?

No Certification Required

What's Included

  • towel
  • mermaid tail
  • monofin
  • snacks
  • pictures
  • pick up

Dive Spots



Depth 5 m · Visibility 10 m
An idyllic wreck that has been on the bottom since the 70’s and is fully covered in coral and sponges and is the permanent home to a large group of glassy sweepers and other cool fish. Around the wreck we can find loads of yellow tail snappers and sergant majors who are being attracted by other snorkelers who like to feed the fish. When there is no ship present we’ll go for a swim under the pier aka the Cathedral. An amazing site with tons of orange cup corals and other colorful stuff.
$80 USD per package
per dive
USD 80