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At the end of WWII, thousands of tonnes of US military equipment was dumped into the sea. Named for its worth, there are a multitude of bulldozers, cranes, fork lifts, ships and trucks piled upon one another in this unique dive site just up the road from the famed SS President Coolidge. The mangled mess of metal is one of the most incredible and unique dives you can do, Descending down to a maximum of 40m this site is perfect for underwater photography with its always crystal clear blue water.

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Pacific Dive
Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo
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Pacific Dive is located on the tropical Island of Espiritu Santo, The largest of 83 islands in Vanuatu. Home to arguably the worlds best shipwreck, The SS President Coolidge . The most accessible shipwreck of its kind and size in the world. Pacific Dive is the premier technical and recreational diving facility in the South Pacific. We are able to cater to divers of all experience and certification, from Open Water all the way through to Closed Circuit Rebreathers and mixed gas.

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Open Water Diver

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  • tank, weights, professional dive guide
$50 USD per dive
per dive
USD 50