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SS President Coolidge


Considered by many divers to be the best wreck dive in the world, the SS President Coolidge was a luxury passenger liner converted to a troop carrier during WWII. While entering the Santo harbor she was hit by friendly mines, providing divers with a remarkable underwater playground.
Almost completely intact, you can swim through the numerous holds and decks viewing the reminders of her glorious days as a cruise liner and the remnants of her days as a troop ship. There are guns, cannons, jeeps, helmets, trucks and personal supplies left by some of the soldiers, as well as the beautiful porcelain statue of “The Lady,” chandeliers and a mosaic tile fountain. The wreck is covered in coral and is the home to a plethora of sea life including barracuda, lion fish, and a host of reef fish.
If you want to see the whole wreck, you’ll need at least 10 to 15 dives — she’s 200 metres in length and rests in 20 to 72 metres of water! — but you can certainly get a feel for her magnitude and majesty on even a few dives.

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Pacific Dive is located on the tropical Island of Espiritu Santo, The largest of 83 islands in Vanuatu. Home to arguably the worlds best shipwreck, The SS President Coolidge . The most accessible shipwreck of its kind and size in the world. Pacific Dive is the premier technical and recreational diving facility in the South Pacific. We are able to cater to divers of all experience and certification, from Open Water all the way through to Closed Circuit Rebreathers and mixed gas.

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