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Nautilus Dive Tech runs morning and afternoon charters to local diving sites between The Bay of Cabo San Lucas and Chileno Bay. Dive sites are suitable for beginner divers, advanced divers, and technical divers. Each day’s specific dive sites are based on the experience level of the group and the current water/weather conditions.

Nautilus Dive Tech tiene salidas a los sitios de buceo locales por la mañana y tarde entre la Bahía de Cabo San Lucas y La Bahía El Chileno. Estos sitios son adecuados para buzos principiantes, buzos avanzados y buzos técnicos. Podremos elegir el sitio del día basándonos en el nivel de experiencia del grupo y las condiciones de las aguas y clima.

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Mexico, Baja California Sur
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THE DIVE SHOP NAUTILUS DIVE TECH, A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF DIVING IN BAJA Cabo’s premier dive center is located in the heart of the downtown area. The 850 square meter facility is much more than a local tourism. It was built to train and serve all levels of divers. Click on any service link to see more information. DEDICATED CLASSROOMS A proper learning environment is key for any kind of education. Our dedicated classrooms offer students a modern and organized approach to learning. Classroom amenities include air conditioning, flat screen TV monitors, wireless internet, projection systems, DVD presentations, chilled water coolers, coffee makers, and refrigerators. 4.5 Meter Deep Training Pool The dive training pool is a key component for entry level and advanced training. Divers have the opportunity to practice new skills in a controlled environment. The depth of the pool gives new divers a realistic view of what diving is like. This opportunity builds comfort and confidence before completing the training programs in open water. SAFEAIR PRODUCTION & GAS BLENDING Nautilus Dive Tech is proud to be recognized as a SafeAir provider. We have our air tested four times per year to ensure that we meet the highest standard of gas quality in the world. The ANDI oxygen compatible air rating is top in the industry. Our most recent report can be viewed next to our blending panel as well as on our social media sites. We also offer our clients the opportunity to have peace of mind by making a spot check for Carbon Monoxide contamination right at the cylinder valve using the Analox EII CO carbon monoxide analyzer. RINSE AREA / SHOWERS After a great dive, it is important to give the gear a good rinse. Our four tank system enables us to separate regulators, BCDs, and accessories from the wetsuit tanks. After the gear is rinsed it is moved to a shaded area to dry before it is properly stowed. The rinse area is also equipped with two heated outdoor showers. Guests are welcome to clean up from a dive before calling it a day. When properly maintained a quality set of diving equipment will be functional for a very long time. Our onsite technicians have the proper training and tools to maintain rental equipment within the stated manufacturer guidelines. Service procedures are updated as required, and our technician room is prepared for oxygen cleaning procedures.

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