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This is the perfect dive for you if you want to go to our sunken wreck at 450ft deep. With an approx. 45min bottom time, your wreck dive will be an unforgettable experience. This dive includes pictures from topside and inside the sub)

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Our Team, by using the manned submersible Curasub, facilitates the exploration of the deep reefs around Curacao & the Greater Caribbean, allowing Marine Biologists from all over the world to explore the twilight zone of the Caribbean Sea down to 1000ft (300m). This type of documented exploration & discoveries is producing dynamic results that are now being published in major scientific journals. Additionally, by monitoring the deeper reefs to find out what influence factors like climate change, acidification, pollution and invasive species have on ecosystems in greater depths, is another aspect that keeps researchers occupied with. Simultaneously they are also trying to find out in what way the deeper reefs might affect the recovery capacity of the shallow reefs. These adventures are not limited to our team or the visiting Marine Biologists. Substation Curacao, which is located inside the Curacao Sea Aquarium Park is open to the public. The deep reef research being conducted is widely available to those interested. More importantly though, you can be part of this unique expedition and learn more about the 50 + new species that have been discovered since launching the Curasub in 2000. The Curasub is a specifically designed 5-person submarine built by Nuytco Research Ltd. It is equipped with the latest technology and certified to the highest safety standards allowing Substation Curacao to offer you an experience that only rivals a journey into outer space. Turn your dreams into a reality! Become a Deep-Sea Explorer with Substation Curacao and discover the unknown depths of the Caribbean Sea! It is a bucket list experience!! Full article:

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