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After completion of your full cave diver course in Sidemount configuration or being a full cave diver in double tanks and then completing the basic cave Sidemount diver training program you are ready for Advanced cave Sidemount diving.
During your full cave diver course in Sidemount or your basic cave Sidemount training you have been cave diving in larger cave passages. Some cave divers may wish to expand their knowledge and experience into advanced cave Sidemount diving or have a need to access and navigate through small cave passages. Advacned cave sidemount diving is where the cave diving is taking place in small or very small cave passages.
The Advanced cave Sidemount diver course is nothing for the claustrophobic as cave passages getting real small real quick with a number of restrictions to be navigated. Small cave passages and restrictions translate most of the time into limited or zero visibility exits. It is not unkommon to push one tank ahead of you in order to minimize your profile and make you fit through the restriction.

The advanced cave Sidemount training program takes three days to complete and has the prerequisite of either having completed your basic cave Sidemount course or having completed your full cave course in Sidemount configuration.
I teach the advanced cave Sidemount training program in any Sidemount gear there is on the market.

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Advanced Diver Mexico is a dive training center, based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. For over 20 years, the team offers exciting cave diving tours in the cenotes in the area of Riviera Maya. Advanced Diver Mexico is dedicated to teaching the art of Mexican cave diving. The team of highly experienced cave divers, instructors, explorers, photographers & videographers is fully aware of all breathtaking dive sites on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

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Advanced Open Water Diver

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Garden Of Eden

Depth 18 m · Visibility >30 m
Great open water entrance for snorkeling,training open water divers and tech. divers. Amazing cavern and cave diving, close on Saturdays, entrance fees for divers $150 pesos.
$750 USD per package
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per dive
USD 750
Free cancellation, pay on arrival.