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Gordo Banks


Located 8 miles off shore from San Jose del Cabo lies a beautiful sea mount known as Gordo Banks. This advanced site is famous for pelagic encounters. We've seen everything from humpback whales, to schools of silky and hammerhead sharks, tuna, wahoo, pelagic sting rays, mobula rays, mantas, massive schools of jacks and so much more! This is a deep site with the shallowest point being at about 32 meters (110 feet) underwater. We include 2 tanks of Nitrox 28 in the price as well as snacks and drinks on board the boat.

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Mexico, Baja California Sur
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Dive Ninja Expeditions was started with one goal in mind. We wanted to create something different. We found ourselves asking what happened to the adventure in diving? The thrill of exploring a new place for the first time. The passion to dive sites, and find marine life, many have never seen before. From here, our ninja mission was clear. We are a collective of like-minded dive professionals with a passion for exploration, adventure, conservation, and above all, diving. We truly love what we do. Dive Ninjas leads guided diving in Cabo San Lucas, dive expeditions around Baja, as well as dive trips all around the world for divers who want to experience something memorable and help protect our planet’s oceans at the same time. Team Ninja also offers a full range of scuba diving courses and freediving courses with some of the most qualified and friendly instructors you’re likely to meet. Book your next adventure today. Experience True Eco Tourism Dive Ninja Expeditions was built with sustainability and conservation as the core pillars of our business. We aim to set the bar higher and it can be seen in everything we do. Our tours & expeditions are built to create lasting memories for our ninja guests while protecting the incredible oceans & creatures that make these magical experiences possible. You will never find single use plastics on our tours or in our shop. We actively develop and support marine conservation and research projects both locally and internationally. We are the first and only Project Aware 100% AWARE PADI Dive Center in the entire Baja California peninsula. Even our shop is designed to generate the least amount of impact through utilizing inverter electrical systems, LED bulbs, and so much more. But this is just the beginning, learn more about our conservation & suitability efforts as well as how you can get involved by checking out our website.

Who's It For?

Advanced Open Water Diver

What's Included

  • 2 dives at Gordo Banks
  • Nitrox 28%
  • Snacks & Drinks

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Gordo Banks

Depth 40 m · Visibility >30 m
Located 1.5 hour boat ride from Cabo San Lucas, and 8 miles off shore from San Jose lies one of Los Cabos hidden treasures, Gordo Banks. This underwater seamount sits 33 meters (110ft) underwater at it's shallowest point, with its upper banks slowing down to over 50 meters (180ft) before dropping off into the sea bottom. This site has a reputation for awesome blue water diving. You regularly spot big pelagic species including hammerheads, mobula rays, Pacific mantas, tuna, wahoo, marlin, silky sharks, humpback whales, pelagic stingrays, and more. Plus huge schools of skipjacks & snapper, big grouper, turtles, and so on... Making it one of Dive Ninja Expeditions favorite sites in Baja California! This is a site reserved for more advanced divers that are comfortable diving offshore in the blue and has a potential for strong currents. Nitrox is recommended.
$230 USD per package
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USD 230
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