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For the more advanced crowd we have an early morning dive charter. We usually dive one deep wreck around 100’ and a shallower reef for our second dive 40-60’, but with an experienced enough group, the underwater world is at our fingertips. Since the wrecks are a bit farther from shore, we often see more Pelagic Fish, and sometimes even some dolphins and whales! Due to the depths of the wrecks we do request a minimum of 25 dives, preferably Advanced Open Water certification and have been diving in the last year. All dives are led by either a Divemaster or Instructor, and will be in small groups to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our divers.

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Waikiki’s hidden gem, the best scuba diving on Oahu. Hawaiian Diving Adventures has trips for all experience levels, from first time beginner divers through advanced divers, divemasters, and instructors. Every day, we see spectacular colorful reefs, amazing shipwrecks; these dive sites are home to sea turtles, corals, and reef fish like the famous state fish: humu humu nuku nuku apua’a. If we are lucky, a dolphin, ray, or even a whale will swim by!Kilikina, our custom built dive boat, runs on locally sourced 100% bio-diesel, we are the only GREEN boat on Oahu. We love the ocean and nature, it is our responsibility to minimize our impact and care of the environment.Scuba is our passion at Hawaiian Diving Adventures. Many of our crew can be found on their days off in the water exploring new dive sites. We have developed many new dive sites minimizing the impact on any one reef and giving us the chance to show you something new.

Who's It For?

Advanced Open Water Diver

What's Included

  • 2 boat dives, usually a Wreck followed by a Reef
  • Oriented toward more experienced divers
  • Many Different Wrecks to choose from
  • Deep Reefs, including some secret ones!
$125 USD per package
Got a question or have special requests?
per dive
USD 125
Free cancellation, pay on arrival.