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Tec CCR 60 Diver Course


This is your second part of becoming a Full Tec Rebreather Diver.
In this course you Learn to use Notox Gas switches, and Diving with Two Bailout Tanks.
And more Dive Planning. With Software.

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Tec Diving Curacao
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I,am a Dsat Tec Deep, Dsat Trimix and PADI Tec Side Mount Instructor. Now also Tec rec CCR 40 and CCR 60 Instructor on Hollis Prism2 I like to Tec Dive en teach. For my self Rebreather Diving is the best. But Also Tec Side mount is so cool. So if you like to try or finish a course just let me know. Or if need any assistance with CCR diving, contact us The wreck,s are waiting for you. The Deeper you go. The Better The Feeling

Who's It For?

Advanced Open Water Diver

What's Included

  • Student Manual (CD)
  • Certification fee.
  • Air dill and O2 fill
$1500 USD per package
per dive
USD 1500