Scuba Diving in Aruba

1 Tank Nightdive


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1 Tank Boat Dive to any of our South Coast reefs or wrecks Departing at 6 pm
Ready for a adrenaline rush? Jump on board and steam out to reefs. Enjoy a beautiful sunset while getting ready to splash into the blue to enjoy the wonder of the Aruban night life under the water. From reefs to wrecks, depending on conditions we can dive both.

An extra charge will be applied if the West coast night dive is desired.

The beautiful colors of the coral reef illuminated by our brand new flashlight are difficult to ignore. The marine life that comes to live at night cruising trough the beam of our lights will keep you wanting for more dive time.
Moray eels swimming free, octopus standing tall on the corals and sea turtles relaxing under the big coral heads is something spectacular to see.

Who's It For?

Open Water Diver

What's Included

  • Equipment
  • Refreshments
  • Snack
  • Dive Lights

Dive Spots


Jane - C

Depth 28 m · Visibility 20 m
The Jane Sea (Jane-C ),is a 57 m/190 Feet long cargo whose function was to carry cement bags between the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao from South America. Various stories are being told about this vessel. From transporting Cocaine to broken engines. 1 Thing is for sure, staying to long in t he harbor without anybody laying claim to ship, has brought this vessel to its final resting in 1988. It has been sunk outside of the Barcadera reef and lays in a maximum of 95 feet deep water with the bow resting in around 60 feet.

Sonesta Airplanes

Depth 25.5 m · Visibility 20 m
Confiscated during a drug bust on the late 80's, the DC-3 was later sunk at a depth of around 80 feet. Hit by big waves and current from hurricane Lenny in 1999 it broke into a couple of pieces with part being seen in around 60 feet of water. Being hit with bankruptcy, the Air Aruba YS-11 Trupial has been donated to the watersports company and sunk in 2004. With its nose pointing in the air around 50 feet and the tail in a max of 85 feet of water, it has been stripped to make it a wonderful swim trough .
Aruba Premier Boat and DiveAruba Premiere Boat and Dive is the lifelong passion project of native Aruban Arthur “AJ” Tromp, and American entrepreneur Keith Waring. The two friends met over 20 years ago while diving and deep sea fishing the waters off the One Happy Island, and have always dreamt of sharing their expertise and passion for the ocean with visitors to the island that is so special to them. AJ has been Fishing, Scuba Diving and Free Diving the waters of Aruba since he was a small child. His grandfather, a merchant sailor and respected fisherman, turned AJ on to the magic and beauty that the waters of Aruba had to offer and passed on much of the knowledge that AJ utilizes today. When Keith and AJ’s paths crossed years ago, they immediately recognized their shared obsession with the water. Whether on the ocean or below the surface the two fast friends have shared two decades of adventure and excitement. For many years the pair discussed opening a fish and dive business, an operation where the customer is the focus of the planning. With Aruba Premiere your experience is limited only to your imagination, skill levels, and desires. From joint excursions to private chartered experiences of a lifetime, we are pleased to offer you the services of Aruba Premiere Boat and Dive. We offer smaller groups, personalized service, and custom itineraries. We get you to your chosen sites faster, maximize the time of each dive or fishing trip and guarantee you get what you came for, a quality, safe and most importantly, enjoyable day on or under the water. We’re confident that you’ll see the difference; because Aruba Premiere Boat and Dive is not only our business…’s our PASSION.
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