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Private Roatan Luxury Liveaboard Diving & Sailing Vacations Imagine a luxury liveaboard diving vacation on board our custom built 47 foot sailboat, Zeppelin. Enjoy valet diving from our dive launch with our onboard PADI Instructors and Dive Master acting as your personal guides. The unique experience we provide is not built around maximizing the number of dives each day, but rather providing you with your own crewed, private, liveaboard sailing and diving adventure exploring the islands of Roatan, Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos. We can customize your Roatan liveaboard diving vacation to suit what you would like to do, we just add water and the fun begins! If your priority is sailing Roatan and the Bay Islands of Honduras, our private liveaboard sailing charters offer you some of the most pristine, untouched islands in the Caribbean. We will sail to nearby islands, moor in the most pristine coral waters surrounded by lush vegetation and the songs of local birds, and in the distance you can hear the waves gently rolling in over the spectacular coral reefs. Think of this luxury liveaboard vacation as having your own yacht with staff … healthy meals prepared to your preferences and served on deck while you relax, feeling the tropical breezes and gazing over the tranquil blue waters…. that is how you will be pampered. There is no minimum number of guests required to book with us and we take a maximum of 4 guests! All the details are taken of on your liveaboard holiday… all you have to do is arrive!
1 Parrot Tree Plantation C-15, Roatan, Honduras
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  • We provide 8 day/7 night and 6 day/5 night liveaboard diving and sailing charters in the Bay Islands of the Western Caribbean. We take you to remote unspoiled islands and pristine reefs in undeveloped areas that few travellers ever see.
  • We offer the ultimate in small group charters, with a maximum of 4 guests and no minimum.
  • We provide the best in service, accommodations and food & drink, and of course diving!
Think of this luxury liveaboard diving vacation as having your own yacht with staff. Let us tell you a little bit about what we do on your liveaboard diving and sailing charter. We create a balance between diving, sailing, relaxing & exploring while mixing in some wonderful food & drink. The unique experience we provide is not built around maximizing the number of dives each day, but rather providing you with your own crewed, liveaboard sailing and diving adventure exploring the islands of Roatan, Guanaja and Cayos Cochinos. Your time aboard Zeppelin is customized by you. Your luxury liveaboard diving vacation can consist of starting your day with an energizing yoga practice, perhaps a morning snorkel, paddling around the anchorage in the kayak or SUP, or simply relaxing on the spacious foredeck enjoying your morning quiet time being served local fresh fruit, home baked treats and the best coffee made in Honduras. Each day over breakfast we discuss the best dive sites in the area, the number of dives you would like to do and also offer an opportunity to explore a land based activity nearby should you wish to do so. These are the tough decisions you will need to make, sorry! Each area that we dive has different topography and distinct ecosystems and we take our guests to places that are seen by very few visitors. We often don’t see any other divers near us during the entire week, especially in Guanaja, Port Royal and Cayos Cochinos. These are our most popular destinations and have spectacular diving on pristine reefs with few other people around. We have the luxury of cherry picking what we consider to be the best 3 or 4 sites in each area since we are not staying in one place like you would be in a resort. Which sites we go to will depend on your preferences & the conditions at the time. If your priority is sailing Roatan and the Bay Islands of Honduras, we also offer liveaboard sailing adventure charters offers you some of the most pristine, untouched islands in the Caribbean. The Bay Islands chain consists of the three main islands of Roatan, Utila to the west, and Guanaja to the east; numerous small islands and cays; and the Cayos Cochinos Marine Park, a collection of 13 small islands and cays 24 miles from Roatan across the Strait of Honduras towards the mainland. There are dozens of untouched harbours, amazing coral reefs, and great trade wind sailing throughout the islands. You can see why we are so excited to offer you a one-of-a-kind Honduras based liveaboard vacation. You can forget the resort or big yacht schedules of telling you when to eat and when to dive, you are on a custom charter… we will take you diving when you are ready and no crowding in the dive boat – it’s just you, your personal Dive Master and your host, a PADI Instructor. Our dive master will take the underwater photos and video of your dives for you to take home to share with friends and family. Skip the buffet line – you will enjoy delicious home cooked meals which will be created specifically to your preferences, served to you while you relax on deck. We often have a turtle or ray pass by to add to the outdoor dining experience. Dining al fresco! After each of your fun-filled days, you can enjoy the hospitality of Zeppelin’s sunset happy hour. Yummy appetizers and your choice of refreshing beverages are served. Yes, we have umbrellas, but only for your cocktails! As you reminisce about your dives that day, the sun will also begin to retire and before you know it, the beam of the sunshine becomes a stunning glow over the horizon. You smile at each other and say… “now this is a luxury vacation”! Bon appetit! Our dinners are also a special time when we all come together (all 4 to 7 of us!) and share a few of our life stories and diving adventures. We enjoy pairing our wines with the main course and offer a variety of fresh vegetables to accompany the seafood or meat dishes. Yes, there are desserts! We can easily cater to special diets, allergies, dislikes, etc, so, by all means, let us create a menu that will serve you best.
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