Raja Ampat Ultimate - 12 Days 11 Nights


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DAY 1: Sorong / Waisai / East Dampier Strait. We will collect you from the airport or your hotel between 6 & 8am for an 9am departure from Sorong to Waisai via the ferry. Our friendly staff will accompany you on the 2-hour ferry ride to Waisai where La Galigo will await you. After a refreshing welcome drink, and a short introduction to the facilities of our ship, the diving schedule, and the tour program, we set sail for our first day, which will include a refresher dive for all divers onboard. Check-out dive site: Will vary depending on the conditions at the time. We take you to a nice and easy dive site with that will introduce you to the wonder of Indonesian diving, shallow soft sandy bottom, amazing muck critters, clear warm water…. yep the travel time was worth it. We relax for our first Dinner together to get to know your fellow passengers and crew and overnight cruise to the central Dampier Strait.

DAY 2: Goa Farondi Region, Misool. After the long haul south we will arrive in Misool around late morning to midday. In the Goa Farondi area we will do two afternoon dives plus a night dive. This area is well known for its Mobula rays and amazing swim throughs.

DAY 3: Jamur Boo Region, Misool. We wake up a little further south but still in Misool. Today we will be doing 3 day dives plus a night dive. As always the dives sites are condition dependent, but some of the sites we like to visit around this area are Boo Rocks, Boo Window and the renowned Manta haven of Magic Mountain.

Day 4: Central Misool. Over night we have moved a little further east to the centre of the diving action in Misool. This is another full diving day with 3 day dives plus a night dive. Some of our favourite spots to dive around here are Nudi Rock, Tank Rock and Whale Rock.

DAY 5: Goa Farondi Region, Misool. This morning the sun rises once again against the sheer cliffs of Goa Farondi. We will have two more great morning dives here before the boat starts off around midday for a long haul up to the further north regions of Raja Ampat.

DAY 6: Penemu. We will do 3 day dives plus a night dive here. Dive sites visited will depend on the conditions of the day but here is a list of some of the sites we regularly visit: Melissa’s Garden, Harto’s Reef, Kenau Channel, Kenau night dive. The masses of hard coral at the centre of Melissa’s garden is what gives it its name, look out for all sorts of creatures great and small in there. We will take

you on a hike to the spectacular look out point above Bintang (Star) lagoon. Make sure you have your camera, this is a spot not to be missed.

DAY 7: Pulau Wayag. Overnight we have sailed to the northern most extreme of RajaAmpat. What awaits is possibly the most breathtaking scenery that you have witnessed in your life. If you see a post card photo of Raja Ampat, its most likely taken from this spot. We will take you for an early morning hike up to the top of the hill to get some photos of this true wonder of nature. The beach here is also out of this world, fine white sand and turquoise water, we will spend some time relaxing here. After this we will stick around for two dives in the area. While you have lunch the boat will cruise to the eastern side of Wayag. Here you will do another afternoon dive. Following your dive we take an excursion to the Ranger station, you will see masses of black tip reef sharks swimming about the shallows of the jetty. A night dive here and then we say goodbye to Wayag as we head south for Kawe Island.

DAY 8: Kawe and Aljurie Bay. In Kawe Island we will do 2 dives. Dive sites visited will depend on the conditions. One of our favourite dive sites is in the east of Kawe Island though. Changgo (or do it again) is an amazing site of underwater topography as well as masses of pelagic species. The boat will move into Aljurie Bay over lunch, this is one of the world’s most spectacular bays to watch the sunset, and also do some great muck diving, such as the Fuel Dock or the Pearl Farm Jetty. We will do 2 dives in Aljurie bay.

DAY 9: Gam and Western Dampier Strait. We wake up just off the coast in Gam Island. There are some great dive sites around this area with vibrant fish covered reefs and plenty of stunning little marco subjects. We will do 2 of the Gam dive sites, our pick are Mayhem and Citrus Ridge. As we have lunch we will cruise down to the Western Dampier Strait. This is manta heaven and we will take you to either Manta Sandy or Manta ridge to see these graceful giants. In the late afternoon we take a land tour onto the peaceful Arborek Island. Feel the tranquility of the simple island village life as you casually stroll the white beach sand streets. One of the world’s best night dives is the jetty in front of this island, and that’s what is on the agenda for the night.

DAY 10: Central Dampier Strait. Three day dives plus a night dive in this area. Dive sites visited will depend on the conditions of the day but here is a list of some of the sites we regularly visit: Cape Kri, Mikes Point, Chicken Reef, Sardine Reef. These are some of the premier dive sites in Raja Ampat. Cape Kri has the highest biodiversity of fish species recorded in Raja Ampat, this exciting high current dive always delivers the goods.

DAY 11: Eastern Dampier Strait. We start to wind down today as the trip starts to come to an end. To give you 24hrs to gass off your Nitrogen before tomorrows flights we will only do 2 morning dives today. The dive sites we normally visit in this area are Blue Magic, Mioskon or Batu Balong. The afternoon is spent swapping stories, having laughs and cracking a few cold ones with your new bff’s. It’s your choice to do this on the deck or to log some beach time on a nearby island. A closing sunset is spent anchored up near Mioskon Island, where you will witness thousands of bats fly out at sundown to find fresh fruits to feast on.

Day 12 Disembark La Galigo at Sorong From 07:00 we will be anchored in Sorong in preparation for disembarkation, however, guests may stay onboard until 11am for breakfast with us.


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La Galigo Liveaboard is a traditional Phinisi, operating in Indonesia. We specialise in diving holidays and packages to Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, and Wakatobi. We can carry a maximum of 14 guests. We have full equipment rental, nitrox, full catering, private rooms and bathrooms.


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