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Indonesia, Indonesia — Bali
La Galigo Liveaboard is a traditional Phinisi, operating in Indonesia. We specialise in diving holidays and packages to Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, and Wakatobi. We can carry a maximum of 14 guests. We have full equipment rental, nitrox, full catering, private rooms and bathrooms.
JL. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 9 Ruko Dewata Asih, Sanur, Indonesia — Bali, Indonesia +62-01-824-3860308
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Some awesome memories from our recent trip to Raja Ampat. A huge thank you to everyone that joined La Galigo Liveaboard, we hope to see you all again soon. 😍 If you would like to join us, we have a huge 20% off on our February 13th and April 22nd 2019 trips to Raja Ampat. 📧: Fendy Donsu Almaz Zainal Barri Diver Trombone #scuba #scubadiving #scubadiver #scubadivers #scubadivergirls #diving #dive #divers #diverslife #divetravel #diveholiday #divetrip #liveaboarddiving #scubadiverslife #liveaboards #lagaligoliveaboard #lagaligo #rajaampat #indonesia #travel #adventure #mylifemyadventure #wonderfulindonesia #divefferentproject #divefferent_project common.seeMore
Valentine's day is approaching and what better way to fall in love all over again with that special person or that special place. ✈️: 13th - 20th Feb 2019 💲: from $2910 per person 📧: 🌐: common.seeMore
Explore the caves & swim thrus of Farondi Goa, come face to face with a group of beautiful Yellow Snappers. The stunning beauty of Raja Ampat's exotic & enchanting islands, above and below the water will leave you in no doubt that this is a true natural wonderland. Let’s discover together! If you would like to join one of our trips, get in touch 📧 🌐: common.seeMore
#Komodo Season Finale. Grab a last minute special. 📧: #diving #liveaboard #scuba #Specialoffer #divingdiscount #divingholiday #divingtrip #lastminute common.seeMore
A Jamming session with the crew. Oh, yes! We know how to have fun 🎤😎 . Next trip ➡️Raja Ampat Almaz Zainal Fendy Donsu . #LaGaligo #liveaboard #lagaligoliveaboard #jamming #session #onboard #crew #diving #scubadiving #dive #diver #bestmoment common.seeMore
Thank you for all of your support and love to our friends in Lombok. We distributed all of your help and support to those who are needed it. Here is the breakdown of supplies that have been provided to the people of Lombok. . We still need your help. If you want to donate, then you can send money to our PayPal email address and just put Lombok in the reference. We will make sure it gets to the people that need it 🙏  Paypal: Again thank you so much, We are really feeling the love from you. common.seeMore
Majestic day in Raja Ampat. :) Only a few spots left for the remaining of our Raja Ampat Season. Checkout our schedule: Drop us a line: common.seeMore
Searching for a better way to discover the beauty of Raja Ampat? Take a cruise with us. We will delight you with dive experiences & an unforgettable voyage with an untamed nature that will take your breath away. If you would like to join one of our trips, get in touch 📧 🌐: common.seeMore
Did you know there are over 3000 species of #nudibranch in the ocean, and that is just the ones we know. There are still so many more to discover. This one is called Pleurobranchus forskalii (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828). 📹: Creative Scuba Images, Indonesia. 📧: Want to come looking for #nudis then join on our #komodo Trips this September. #nudifriday #scubadiving #liveaboard #lagaligoliveaboard #liveaboardtrip #liveaboarddiving #liveaboardholiday common.seeMore
Very small and very deadly, but so beautiful. The Blue Ring Octopus is just one of the many wonders living in Komodo. Get in touch and join us in Komodo common.seeMore
Look what we found! It's a Donald Duck Shrimp! 😱 This shrimp is only about 2cm in length. Curious to see more creature like this? Join our trip to go diving in Raja Ampat next February, March, and April 2019. Visit: . Photo Credit: Fendy Donsu #duckshrimp #lagaligo #liveaboard #diving #dive #scuba #scubadiving #underwaterphotography #macrophotography common.seeMore
Did you know that cuttlefish have not one, not two, but three hearts? Two hearts are used to pump blood to the cuttlefish's large gills, and the third heart is used to circulate oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. Speaking of cuttlefish blood, even that's interesting. . See a lot more creatures like this cuttlefish in the bottom of Raja Ampat with us! Visit: . Photo by: Joe Taylor Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel - Canon Imaging Asia . #LaGaligo #liveaboard #lagaligoliveaboard #rajaampat #trip #north #underwaterphotography #reef #cuttlefish #facts #seacreatures #ocean #underwater common.seeMore

Almost didn't see the cuttlefish as I was scrolling by. Thanks for sharing those cool facts!common.seeMore