Scuba Diving in Mexico

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Scuba dive through islands, caves & sunken ships!


Our adventure begins when we depart Aqua Mundo Scuba Diving Center, as we set sail through Acapulco's breathtaking bay towards Roqueta Island.

Once we've reached our site, you'll be instructed on how to snorkel and have the opportunity to explore the area. Afterwards, you'll be thoroughly tough how to scuba dive; throughout your adventure you'll be accompanied by a certified diver who'll guide through your underwater experience!

If it's your first time scuba diving, you'll surely enjoy the calm and warm waters Acapulco has to offer. You won't be diving more than 10 meters under - all the marine life is with a few meters below and the clear visibility makes a lot more enjoyable; sting rays, turtles, schools of fish & much more will make you fall in love with this magnificent recreational activity!

Are you a profesional diver, looking for something more adventurous? We got it.

Profesional divers get to experience a whole different scenario; we have distinct tours to offer; whether it's down below The Quebrada Caves or through El Río de la Plata's deserted ship, by the end of the tour you'll surely have something new to share with your friends.

Feel free to ask us about our night diving specials!

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Buceo Acapulco Aqua Mundo
Mexico, Guerrero
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Aqua Mundo Scuba Diving Center is a family owned company, it was the first Scuba Diving School in México and Latin America, funded in the year 1950. Creating memorable life-long experiences in Acapulco's beautiful beaches is what we do best. Our sixty-eight years of experiences proves that we love what we do. Fall in love with the marine life found at Roqueta Island, Río de la Plata and La Quebrada. Scuba dive through the same places as Neil Armstrong, Sylvester Stallone, John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley and many more!

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