Scuba Diving in Cayman Islands

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Wall / Shallow Reef or Wreck


Our modus operandi at Cayman U is a morning 2-tank dive, a wall dive followed by a shallow reef or wreck. One of our favorite combinations is Trinity Caves, followed by a tour at the Wreck of the Oro Verde.

Trinity Caves is located on the West side of the Island near the North end of Seven Mile Beach. It comprises a labyrinth of passageways winding through the high coral buffer between the shallows and the 6000 foot drop off.

Your guide will lead the way through this amazing site. You’ll have 50 foot coral walls rising above you on both sides as you wind your way in and out and pass beautiful Black Corals and Sponges. There are schools of fish hanging at the top of the site along with occasional turtles and Eagle Rays.

The Oro Verde has been a popular site ever since she was purposely sunk in 1980. She is located near the middle of Seven Mile Beach in 50 feet of water. The past 38 years have weathered the Oro Verde with many storms. Today she lies strewn across the sandy bottom, affording many hiding places for the numerous critters that reside there. The adjacent shallow reef is only 30 feet and is home to large schools of Chubs, Goatfishes, Schoolmasters and Horse Eyed Jacks, just to name a few.

Our 2-tank combination dives are US $105.

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Cayman University Divers takes small schools of divers, 6 at a time, and offers them complimentary Underwater Narration during their dives. This is unique to CU Divers as no one else on the planet offers this. Just point at a fish or coral and our highly trained staff will tell you what it is and what it may be doing. We also offer unlimited bottom time so let your computer and air dictate how long you get to stay. Let Cayman University Divers show you a Grand time in Cayman.

Who's It For?

Open Water Diver

What's Included

  • Underwater Narration
  • Tanks and Weights
  • Flashlight
$105 USD per package
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per dive
USD 105
Free cancellation, pay on arrival.