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As passionate divers and dive instructors, Nos Sono Stay & Dive is the ultimate resort setting close to the best dive sites on Curacao! Completely renovated in 2017, the resort has three self service apartments plus a spacious guest house suitable for families and groups.
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Weg naar Playa Kalki 4b, Westpunt, Westpunt, Curacao, Curacao
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Nos Sono, to be quite honest, was Robert‘s dream. This project was not easy and it took a lot of persuasion with his partner Ines plus two trips to the beautiful Caribbean Island of Curacao, but with determination and perservance, the idea of "Nos sono" became a reality. The ideas of a diver-friendly guest house with corresponding apartments was found fairly quickly, but it was at Roberts way to work for a couple of years to the dive shop at Playa Kalki. The potential of the former "De Ruiter Post"proberty was clear, the owner willing to sell and since May 2017 we are owners of 2000 m² plot, 3 spacious apartments, one diver shed, a 150 m² large guest house and a so-called Studio. All this was in deplorable condition. Since then it has been completly renovated, with all new furnishings, new kitchens, bathrooms, a large roof terrace with bar and a diver‘s shed. Plus, the best pool in this part oft he island so you can take a swim or just hang out in the water wth a cold beer and relax. The surrounding land has been developed slowly into a tropical garden with the help of local craftsmen: Masha danki!! To all of you! Since the beginning of 2018, the 3 apartments and the guest house with its 3 bedrooms and bathrooms is ready for rental. We are living in the renovated former studio with our two dogs, so we are close to our guests (but not too close allowing for privacy). As a passionate divers, diving instructor and photographer, above and underwater, we want to offer our guests, of course, the beauty of the caribbean underwater world . Diving on Curacao is mainly shorediving from sandy beaches. Certified divers can dive almost all the dive sites independently and autonomously. We offer you all the support and the complete service about diving. We have wash basins, a drying room and a storage space for your diving and camera equipment. We are also happy to accompany you on your dives if you wish, and we organise boat diving and snorkelling trips together with our partner Go West Diving for you. After over 15 years as a diving instructor and almost 7 years on Curacao, Robert can give an answer to almost all questions on the topic of diving, even unasked. For non-divers Curacao offers a lot of possibilities. Here in Banda Bou, Westpunt or west end oft he island, you are at the quietest and most close to nature area of the island. The national parks are nearby. Mountain biking is our second hobby. We are happy to arrange you a tour along the rugged north coast of the island, starting right on our doorstep. If you have any questions about Curacao, booking and prices, car rental and diving you will find most of the answers on this home page. You are welcome to contact us. Send a message and we will get back!
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Nos Sono Stay and Dive