Dive Shop in Norway, Hordaland

Dive Shop
Norway, Hordaland
Biggest shop and warehouse for freediving in Scandinavia. We are the Nordic spearfishing kings, with our own branded equipment from everything to spear guns to wetsuits, named "Frivannsliv". Our company is also an import/distribution company, and we provide equipment to watersports to scuba diving, recreational and professional. Decicated staff, product knowlegde and we are famous for our customer service. Check out our website, webshop or visit our shop and warehouse located just north of beatiful Bergen city.
Year Round
MON10:00 to 17:00
TUE10:00 to 17:00
WED10:00 to 17:00
THU10:00 to 19:00
FRI10:00 to 17:00
SAT10:00 to 15:00
Mjåtveitflaten 55, Frekhaug, Hordaland, Norway
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COSMIQ Reseller
Frivannsliv is now the new distributor for Oceanic, Hollis, BARE in Norway! Earlier this summer we aquired JBL spearguns and Rob Allen as well. We welcome new customer and dealers in Norway!... More

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Check out this huge halibut a freediver in Norway caught while spearfishing in Northern Norway. Beatiful Norwegian mountains and nature, and a beast weighing 115 kg, and 205 cm long. Check out @Frivannsliv on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram if you like what you see! ... More

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Check our own group for spearfishers and freedivers in Northern Europe. ... More
Check out the new update on Cosmiq+ firmware version 1.6, (in Norwegian): Deepblu slipper nå ny gratis oppdatering av firmware for Cosmiq+ dykkercomputer (versjon 1.6), som bringer med seg masse topp nyheter, og spesielt for fridykkere: • Ny fridykkermodus! • Endring på alarminnstilling, som nå tillater innstilling av tre forskjellige dybdealarmer. • Siste dykkertid, dybeste dybde og løpende tid siden siste dykk dykk vises nå synlig på skjermen i overflaten mens man er i fridykkermodus. • Ny og bedre visning av sikkerhetsstopp i luft(scuba) og fridykkermodus gjør det lettere å lese sikkerhetsstopptid på skjermen. • Lagt til en avlesning for tiden som er gått siden dekompresjons-tid har blitt overskredet i dybdemodus. • I dybde- og bunntidmodus(bottom time) anses dykket nå over hvis dykkeren bruker 5 minutter på dybde over 2 meter, i stedet for 2 minutter. Slik at ikke fridykkere får loggen fullstendig overfylt. ... More

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What!? We have free freight on our whole webshop inside Norway throughout June. Take advantage of this insane offer. No matter how long or heavy your order is :) Also check out the cool banner our inhouse designer made. Text is in Norwegian. ... More
We are celebrating 10 000 followers on Facebook, and we offer free freight on all purchases in our webshop within Norway - More

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