Kerama Islands 3 Tank Boat Dive


The Kerama Islands are one of Japan's top dive destinations. The archipelago is located only one hour off the coast of Naha and offers more than 50 diving sites. Diving the Kerama's means an abundance of marine life and a visibility of up to 50 meters.

From July to September you will find arrow cardinal fish, groupers, butterfly fish, unicorn surgeon fish, lion fish and a variety of Nudibranch.

Our boats set out daily and take you to 3 different dive sites, you will have the chance to dive at your own pace or with your dive guide on each dive site.


Marine House Seasir Okinawa
Japan, Okinawa
Marine House Seasir Okinawa has been on the island since 1983 and has grown into the largest and most well-known dive shop in the Ryukyu Archipelago.


Open Water Diver


  • 2 Tanks
  • Weights
  • 'Bento' Lunch Box
  • Fresh Drinking Water & Japanese Miso Soup
  • Towel
  • Insurane
  • Round-trip Transfer



Kuro Island - Twin Rock

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This point is located at the north end of Kuroshima Island. Further north of the twin rocks there is also a rock formation that is partly exposed above the sea surface, and the 30-meter channel between it and the twin rocks can be challenging to cross with the tides and strong swells. If you head around to the north side of exposed rock, you will discover a dynamic drop-off that extends to a depth of about 40 m from the water surface. When the tides hit against the steep drop off, there is a good chance you will see schools of banana fish, horse mackerel, and dogtooth tuna. This spot is ideal for drift diving, and intermediate level divers who are capable of hovering in a state of neutral buoyancy can enjoy this dive site fully and safely.
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USD 190