The Watermen Project

NPO/NGO in Switzerland, Geneva

Switzerland, Geneva
The Watermen Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean conservation and awareness with a focus on sharks and other big pelagic fish. Founded by William Winram, the Watermen are freedivers who volunteer their breath-hold skills to assist scientists in their research by tagging, collecting biopsy samples or taking photos.
Route du Pont-Butin 70, 1213 Petit-Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland
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To us, watermen are people who truly love the water and everything that has to do with the ocean. Salt water runs in their veins. They would rather be in or on the water than on land, comfortable enjoying it in whatever manner they can. Freediving, sailing, surfing, body boarding, diving, paddle surfing or swimming – they are passionate about the experience. They feel one with the ocean, respect all the creatures within and live in peace with their home. It is what connects them and it is what drives them. Together, they develop and use their watermen skills to educate, preserve and protect, ensuring future generations can experience the oceans the way they do.
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The Watermen Project