Bruce Bowker's Carib Inn

Dive Resort in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Bonaire

Dive Resort
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Bonaire
Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn is a resort dedicated to the needs and requirements of travelers who want a diving vacation. By focusing on diving, specialized personnel maintain quality throughout the resort. Although diving is featured at the Carib Inn, many guests come just to relax and enjoy Bonaire. Bruce and Liz Bowker are the owners with Bruce being the resident manager of the Carib Inn. Bruce and Liz have always kept an honest advertising campaign. “We never advertise more than we can offer. We prefer to advertise less than we have so people are pleased when they see what they get.” With such a high return, the Carib Inn guests feel at home with their friends from last year. The Carib Inn has only eleven units with no plans for expansion. Bruce has said that bigger is not always better. Its current size is easily managed and easily maintained. This creates a unique niche in the resort business on Bonaire for the vacationer who wants a small dedicated resort. The Carib Inn’s guest list is made up of people who desire exactly what the Carib Inn offers.
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Bruce Bowker Carib Inn, Kralendijk, Bonaire, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
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Mary Ella Jourdak; one of our guests at the Carib Inn has sent us these pictures she made of our house reef and other divesites on Bonaire we frequented with our boats. ... More
Thank you Nina Banks for sending us these fantastic pictures of our boat dive on Bonaire yesterday. Can you tell which critters are featured in the pictures? ... More
This picture of the Squat Anemone Shrimp was taken on a divesite on Bonaire named: 'Something Special'. This divesite is teeming with 'Macro', such as these shrimp.See you next year, Chris! ... More
600 The Hilma Hooker is a shipwreck in Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands. It is a popular wreck diving site. The Hilma Hooker came to rest on a sand flat between two coral reef systems in an area known to divers as Angel City. The wreck has subsequently become a prime attraction for scuba divers. It lies in approximately 100 feet (30 m) of water and at 240 feet in length provides ample scope for exploration. ... More
200 Take a look at what diving is like on several divesites on Bonaire. Thanks to David Thatcher. ... More
Wondering what your next dive destination should be? Check out our Carib Inn Promotional Video, and see what 'Divers Paradise' Bonaire has to offer. At the Carib Inn our focus is on personal attention, excellent prices and services, and of course great diving. ... More
During one of our boat dives Paula Scheidt; one of Carib Inn's customers sent in this video of an Octopus. ... More
Can you identify this fellow hiding within these 'Seaplumes'? ... More
300 'Bonaire Nature Promo' The footage for this nature promotional film was beautifully shot in June 2013 by Aquaterrafilms for 'Natuurbeelden'. The material was edited by Merel - What if we change Notten and the project was funded by DCNA Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance. Help us protect our beautiful nature on Bonaire! ... More
300 This interesting video about Bonaire's National Park: Washington Slagbaai, will blow your mind with its beautiful landscapes and coasts. At the Carib Inn it is possible to reserve a two tank boat trip to the National Park. Because this area is protected land its dive sites are well worth a visit. ... More
300 Bonaire has a wide range of marine wildlife. Some of it is featured in this video posted by the National Marine Park Foundation. Which animal from the video would you like to see on yourdive? ... More
200 Stinapa (the national parks foundation of Bonaire) has mapped the many dive sites of Bonaire. Carib Inn's house reef: 'Calabas Reef', is within a no fishing zone, making it an ideal dive site with great abundance of marine life. Can you spot Calabas Reef on the map? ... More