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Dive the North of the Island


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We take you to experience a great area of Cozumel, very few divers go to the north, in this dive sites normally we experience very strong currents, and we can see very healthy coral reef, sharks, eagle rays in groups and much more.
Because of this strong currents and conditions, we have to have knowledge of the divers and you have to be familiar diving with strong currents.
you must be diving with us al least couple of dives in order to go to dive the north.
Special procedures to do this dives

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Cozumel Sea DiveShop
Mexico, Quintana Roo
Cozumel sea DiveShop is a dive operation with lots of different choices for you, as divers we all know what do you need to have the best dives, we dive the north and south of the island, we have advanced dives and regular dives, all depends what you want, but safe and fun is the most important for us, besides our customers

Who's It For?

Advanced Open Water Diver

What's Included

  • snaks and drinks
  • towells
  • dry areas for your stuff
  • free pictures

Dive Spots



Depth 30 m · Visibility >30 m
A dive site on the north of Cozumel, very few divers dive this reefs, because of the very strong currents and the conditions, but this give you the chance to see a great area of coral with almost no divers around, this dive site require a very good divers and special procedures, advanced divers
$117 USD per package
per dive
USD 117