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Improve your diving skills.

You are already a certified diver but are you still having troubles with some certain skills or simply want to improve your diving in general?

Then this workshop might be the right choice for you.

You just need to tell us what you want to learn and we will train you during your diving workshop day according to your needs.

No course, no standards, no exams, no certification - just you and your diving instructor working on your diving skills of choice.

Available skills and topics for the workshop you can choose one or several of:

- Buoyancy – the way we control ourselves in the water
- Trim – how to achieve a good position in the water with knowledge and minimal effort
- Propulsion – different finning techniques for different environments and conditions
- Weight check – as little as possible, as much as needed
- Mask skills – don’t get nervous anymore when you have to take off your mask underwater
- Out of Gas Situations – help your buddies immediately and stay safe
- Equipment – long hose configuration vs. standard configuration, backplate & wing vs. standard BCD’s
- SMB – inflate a surface marker buoy (SMB) correctly with different methods
- Dive planning/ gas management – plan the dive and dive the plan
- Dry check/ buddy check/ bubble check – what am i suppose to check before diving

The price listed here is 160usd per diver/ per days of training.

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Dripstone Diving
Mexico, Quintana Roo
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Dripstone Diving stands for quality diving and individual dive trainings in which the most modern standards and techniques are being taught. From beginner up to full cave diver. Our mission is to dive safely at all times, to protect our beautiful dive sites and to pass on unforgettable dive experiences to our divers.

Who's It For?

Open Water Diver

What's Included

  • transport
  • tanks
  • weights
  • guiding/teaching
  • water/sandwich
$160 USD per dive
Got a question or have special requests?
per dive
USD 160
Free cancellation, pay on arrival.